ValidateDMx is the complete 2D quality validation system for Data Matrix ECC 200 codes. It is designed to work on all types of direct marking (DPM) and label marking applications.

To properly integrate a label or “Direct Part Marking” application, it is important to control the entire process of Marking, Verifying, Reading and Communicating (M-V-R-C).

International Standards

Verify the Data Matrix according to ISO-16022, ISO-15415, AES-9132SA, DoD, AIM

And see at a glance whether the Data Matrix meets these international standards.

Data Structure

Check the recorded data according to ISO-15418 and ISO 15438

And validate it according to GS1, UID and UDI, including FNC1 and the application identifiers

Extensive Reports

Generate comprehensive reports of verification and validation results

Which apply in your industry including Automotive, Electronics, Healthcare

Available as Basic or Full Version

ValidateDMx is available as a Basic version for the most commonly used verifications and as a Full version with various add-ons including comparison, history and extensive analyzes for production environments.


Datamatrix is Standardized in many Industries

In many industries, manufacturers are required to apply a Datamatrix code to their products and components, which contains the necessary information, including article code, shelf life and lot / batch number.

When applying, it must therefore be ensured that this Datamatrix code is readable throughout the chain until the end of the life of the product or component.

Various international industry standards, including defense (UID), medical (UDI) and industrial (GS1), therefore prescribe that the Data Matrix code applied must physically comply with ISO-16022 and ISO-15415.

In addition, the data structure of the data must be in accordance with the ISO-15418 and ISO-15438 standards.

Advanced algorithms

ValidateDMx is built on our award winning Phoenix decoding algorithms in combination with powerful pre-processing and imaging techniques.

Fixed 2D Imagers

ValidateDMx is compatible with MTS’s high-quality Fixed Position 2D Imagers. Other Imagers or camera systems can optionally be connected.

Comply with ISO-15416

With the optionally available lenses and lighting systems it is possible to set up your verification and validation setup in accordance with the ISO-15416 standard.

Quality control

With the adjustable validation parameters you can keep an eye on the quality of the applied Datamatrix code during the production process.


Extra functies


Compare the Datamatrix code with preset parameters and build a reference frame with history for immediate monitoring.

Print Growth

Check the Cell-Size as info parameter for control of marking equipment like laser, dot peen, inkjet and thermal transfer.


Extensive control of Application Identifiers and the structure, and structure of the data in the Datamatrix in accordance with international standards.

History / reporting

Keep the history of the verification and validation and calculate the best settings per parameter for the marking method used.

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