ScanID announces the new IDA-200 Swiss

The new IDA-200 Swiss is a full successor of the successful AVD-525 Swiss for Age Verification based on ID Cards, Passports and Driver's Licenses

The new IDA-200 Swiss stand-alone age verification system, developped on request, will be used by numerous organizations in Switzerland for age verification purposes at gas stations, events, festivals and catering.

Major efforts are made regarding Alcohol & Tobacco prevention

In Switzerland, the sale and issuance of alcohol to young people is strictly prohibited.
In esence this means:

  • fermented light alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer may only be sold from ages 16 and up.
  • high-proof beverages as well as so-called alcopops may onlt be sold from ages 18 and up.

Individual cantons might allow the sale of any alcoholic beverages only from the ages 18 and up. Other individual retailers, such as gas stations have voluntarily taken this 18/18 rule as of 2022

Similar rules apply to tobacco: Depending on the canton, cigarettes are only allowed to be bought from the age of 16 or 18.

Since 2015 ScanID has been supplying Age Verification systems to Swiss based organisations and addiction agencies which use the systems at festivals, and rents them out to hospitality companies, as a tool to quickly determine the age based on ID proofs.

By recent request ScanID developped the new IDA-200 Swiss stand-alone age verification system to quickly determine the age of customers by reading the ID proofs, such as Passport, ID-Cards and Swiss Drivers License.

The new IDA-200 is powered through USB or a Powerbank and does not store any data.

Pre-Order for Swiss Based Gas stations

For more information about the IDA-200 Swiss please contact:

VTSS – Verband der Tankstellenshop – Betreiber der Schweiz

Spitalgasse 5, 8001 Zürich

Tel: 044 218 50 15

Pre-Order for Other Swiss based organisations

For more information about the IDA-200 Swiss please contact:

Kanton Zürich :

More information

Please contact us for more information about our new IDA-200 series, which can be used in more European countries.

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