ScanID has been a consultant in the field of person- and product identification for many years
on behalve of various organizations.

Track And Trace Of Products And Goods

In particular, knowledge of the entire implementation process, combined with expertise in both marking and reading all kinds of barcodes, 2D symbology and RFID solutions, makes ScanID a unique Total Solution Provider for this market.

In addition, ScanID now offers you the possibility to Verify and Validate your 1D and 2D Barcodes in accordance with the ISO, GS1 and CEN/ANSI standards.

Reading And Processing Identity Documents

ScanID is also your consultant in the field of reading, verification and authentication of all kinds of identity documents.

Our expertise includes not only the necessary hardware and software, but also the processing of data in accordance with the AVG and knowledge of legislation such as the Alcohol Act, Tobacco Act, Opium Act and new Koa legislation.

The Possibilities

What else you can come to us for

Implementation advice

For the field of identification applications regarding persons and or products, which are used in tracking systems and access control, ScanID is your consultant


Feasibility Study

Before implementing an Identification application in your organization, a feasibility study or pilot is a must. ScanID can help you with this.

consultant sampling

Tests and Samples

We can also be of service to you for testing your codes or samples. Feel free to contact us for more information and possibilities

Education and Training

You are at the right place at ScanID for questions and knowledge concerning documents of identification, 2D encoding, RFID and the right function of the required hardware and software

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African proverb
You can also contact us for validated GS1 barcodes

Discover It

Come and see if our consultancy can help you too

Partner Of GS1 Netherlands

ScanID works as an implementation partner of GS1 Netherlands to implement the GS1 standards and to carry out projects.

Informing, making agreements and working more efficiently are the first steps to achieve optimal service for you as a customer.


FAQ For 2D Imaging

Like no other, ScanID is the consultant in the field of implementation of 2D Imaging techniques, pre- and imaging processing and decoding algorithms.

Also organizations that want to develop their own “custom made” hardware and software are at the right place at ScanID.

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