Many national and international Solution Providers and Integrators use our unique “Front-End” to interface witth their own applications, where our “Front-End” takes care of all the collection and verification tasks.

Our “Front-End” of hardware and software saves precious development time and costs and has proven itself in many sectors and industries over the years.



With our interfaces you can be sure of fast & effective reading and processing national and international IDs and barcodes.



We support you in the implementation of our hardware and software for the processing of Identity documents and barcodes.



Since early 2022, we have made optional SDKs available to our Solution Providers and Integrators for our Full Page and Half Page ID Readers.

Development and Test Sets

For integrators, we have different development sets available for reading and processing ID Documents.

Depending on use and application, these consist of the necessary hardware and software for integration into own solutions and systems, including kiosks, vending machines, fast lanes, etc.

Solution Providers

We work with certified Solution Providers in many sectors and industries

Massive Growth

Get your share of the fast-growing global online identity verification market.

Latest technologies

Use our innovative identity verification technology to be ahead of your competition.

Deal Protection

Protect your deals and opportunities by announcing your projects to us.

technical Support

Benefit from our technical expertise through consulting, support and training.


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