In Docview Studio you can quickly and clearly see the document verification results you are interested in.

The collected information can be used directly for identification, authentication, verification and registration applications.

personal identification
to prove identity

Docview Studio reads all national and international identity documents that comply with the ICAO 9303 standard. And many more.

face add-on docview studio
face comparison
Passport Photo Comparison

With the powerful FACE Add-On you can compare the photo from the NFC chip with the visual photo of the passport or driver’s license.

can work in the background
User interface

You can set Docview Studio in different view modes depending on usage, such as Age, Document or Service.

output via XML, JSON and PDF
powerful front-end

Use Docview Studio as a powerful Front-End to read and process the identity documents, as well as check and verify them.

Adjustable and can be set up as desired

Only use what you really need

document control

Docview Studio allows you to set up your document verification according to your own wishes. Which verifications and checks you think are important or not, ultimately depends on what you want to apply it to.

That is why there are various options for setting up and configuring verification according to your own wishes, for example:

  • Document verification: Quickly set up the correct or multiple verifications / checks you require via profiles.
  • Data check: Check if the data is correct and / if you want to add anything.
  • Registration: Check whether the visitor or customer is already registered with you.
  • Passing on: Prevent passing on identity documents upon entry.
  • Access: Check whether someone has access or not.
Open structure for links
open architecture

DocView Studio is developed according to the “Open Architecture Principle”

age and document controle
Advanced Age Scanner
Age Verification

DocView Studio can be used as “the tool” for adequate age checking.

document control
ID-Reader independent
works together

Docview Studio works together with various ID-Reader systems.

document control
Own algorithms

Docview Studio is based on our in-house developed OCR and RFID Engines.

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