The new IDA-200 – Stand-Alone age verification scanner is most commonly used for quick and adequate age verification in many industries and sectors.

IDA-200 Swiss version

The IDA-200 Swiss Stand-Alone doesn’t need a host system or software.

The intelligent unit will determine the age by comparison of the birthdate against the Real Time Clock (RTC) which is inside of the ID-Reader.

The IDA-200 Swiss reads national and international ID cards, Passports and the Swiss Drivers License.

The unit can be set with one or two age limits, by default 16 and 18, as required for the Swiss market.

Powering up IDA-200 Swiss

The IDA-200 Swiss can have power through mains, an orginal power adapter is supplied, or through USB connection, for example a host system or PC.

Default setting

After powering up all three LED are on. This means that the IDA-200 is set to two age limits, which is the default setting.

The IDA-200 is ready for reading documents

One Age Limit

After powering up only the orange LED is on. This means that the IDA-200 is set to one age limit.

The IDA-200 is ready for reading documents

Failure RTC

When only the orange and red LED are on or only the red Led after powering up, the unit could not initialize the Real Time Clock.

Please follow the instructions.

Change Age Limits

By default the IDA-200 Swiss is set with two age limits -16, +16, +18 and older.

  • -16 years the Red LED will light after reading
  • 16 or17 years the Orange LED will light after reading
  • 18 years and older the Green LED will light after reading

When the age limit needs to be changed to one age limit, for example only 18 then the Age Toolbox software is needed.

Run Age Toolbox and connect the IDA-200 Swiss to a PC with Windows. Choose Port Number and select Open.

All settings of the IDA-200 Swiss will be displayed and to change the age limit select “Prohibited under age of…” and choose “Set time and age” after that close the application.

When done disconnect the unit and connect it again, only the orange LED is on after powering up.

This will close in 20 seconds