Cruks has been consulted more than 148 million times

Since the CRUKS exclusion register was launched by the Dutch Gaming and Gambling Authority on October 1, 2021, this register has now been consulted more than 148 million times.

Since the Central Register of Exclusion of Gaming (Cruks) started on October 1, 2021, more than 20,000 people have taken a gambling break. They banned themselves from participating in games of chance of online providers, slot machine arcades and Holland Casino for at least 6 months.

Part of Koa

Cruks is part of the new Gambling Act, which legalizes online gambling.

Slot machine arcades, Holland Casino branches and online gambling providers should consult Cruks before allowing a player to gamble. If someone is in the registry, access will be denied.

According to the Dutch Gaming and Gambling Authority, on 31 July the register had been checked more than 148 million times for a registration.

Identity Document as a basis for Cruks inquiry

For the query of the Cruks register, the Legal Identification Document (WID), including passport, ID card and driver’s license, is seen as the source for the required data.

Many providers of games of chance therefore use the AVD-6850 Full-Page ID-Reader with an adapted version of Docview Studio software for registration, age check and querying Cruks.

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