With the technological developments of smartphones and the increasing demand for age verification, when selling age-related products, ScanID has developed Check4ID Age as the age verification App for Android and iOS.

Turn your Smartphone into a real Age Verification System

With our Check4ID Age App for Android and iPhone you can check the age quickly and effectively based on passports, ID cards, residence permits and modern driving licenses with an NFC Chip

check4id age

MRZ Recognition

Check4ID uses the camera of your mobile phone or connected ID Reader to quickly scan the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) according to the ICAO 9303 standard.


Check4ID can also use the NFC capabilities of your Android or iPhone mobile phone to access the contents of the RFID chip of the identity documents


In addition to ID cards, passports and residence permits, Check4ID Age also supports American, Canadian and European driver’s licenses with QR code and chip.


Check4ID is based on our own developed OCR and RFID “Engines”.
This allows us to quickly anticipate new developments and legislation.

Check4ID Age smart functions for operating

Prevent Passing On

Detect through the repeat scan function whether ID Documents are passed

Scan Backside

Scan the back of ID cards and driver’s licenses and avoid discussions with your customers

Smart Scanning

Unique feature where only the necessary data for age verification is read

Age Limits

Set single or dual age limits depending on the controls you want

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