Why choose ScanID?

ScanID is your Total Solution Provider for all applications and solutions in the field of Product and Personal Identification, Identity Documents, Barcoding and 2D Imaging systems.

We analyze and integrate the components your process needs into a state-of-the-art system.

ID & Documents

Since 2010, ScanID has focused on the development of hardware and software for checking, processing and reading identity documents.


ScanID develops and integrates barcoding solutions. Consisting of hardware, software, marking, verification, reading and processing.

Tailored advice

ScanID is your reliable partner and consultant in the field of identification. Our knowledge is used by integrators and manufacturers everywhere.

Proven solutions make your application a success.

Our solutions are used by many national and international integrators and Solution Providers as a “Front-End” for checking and verifying ID cards and barcodes in many industries and sectors.

Open Architecture

Our open architecture and standardized output of the relevant data, as well as the possibility to manage our “Front-End” in your own application ensure a fast and seamless integration.

Cost effective

Our “Front-End” solutions directly save on the often expensive development time required to parse and process the MRZ and NFC/RFID chip of the various identity documents.

Identity- and Document Checking

Verification & Authentication

Scanners & ID-Readers

Age and Access Control

Knowledge & Experience since 1987

Smart Software takes Hardware to new heights

Our hardware independent software solutions and applications have proven themselves in many industries and sectors


With powerful deep learning-driven OCR algorithms and advanced vision technology, you can inspect any type of identity document and perform security checks.

www.docuspect.nl »


The answer to modern ID verification Identity verification, Document and Age verification quickly and easily, with your own mobile phone.

www.check4id.nl »


Docview Studio has been developed on the basis of thorough experience. It is the solution for companies and organizations that put ID proof at the center of their identification and access.

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Scanactive introduces you to a totally new and modern way of checking and processing identity documents.

www.scanactive.com »

Age Verification

With thousands of age checking systems supplied, we know better than anyone what is needed for successfull an adequate age verification.

www.leeftijdscanner.nl »


Avoid entrance queues by using CheckScan and quickly and easily check the ID Proof, the age and the Corona QR Code.

www.checkscan.nl »

A world of identification options

ScanID intergrates the know-how of document verification with industrial encoding. For our customers, this leads to new products, services and opportunities. 

Own development

We develop software in-house and combine it with hardware that is often designed exclusively for and by ScanID.

Unique combinations

Making full use of the combinations between personal and industrial identification opens up new opportunities for you.


With a track record of more than 30 years in numerous applications, we sucessfully advise many organizations on the integration of identification applications.

Constantly moving

The market for identification applications is constantly changing, partly due to new developments and changed legislation, which we follow closely.

Latest news

Stay informed about our software and hardware products and information worth knowing in the identification field

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