Our latest achievement in modern identity, document and age verfication is our Multi-Platform Check4ID Application

With the Multi-Platform Check4ID Application you can quickly and easily scan all modern ID cards, passports, residence permits and driving licenses equipped with an NFC chip. Check4ID works on Android, iOS and Windows.

Read ID Documents quickly and easily

You can easily verify the MRZ and NFC-Chip data, process all relevant details such as personal information and passport photos, and use them according to the needs of your organization.

In addition, Check4ID contains innovative functionalities so that it can be used for quick age verification or extensive identity or document verification.

Check4ID Supports The Following Identity Documents

Both national and international ID Documents


Read all national and international ID Cards, Passports and Visas according to the ICAO 9303 standard. In addition, many “Near ICAO” documents are suported.


Also read the European driving licenses (including the NLD driving licenses model 2014 and model 2018), which are equipped with MRZ, QR code and NFC chip.


Through various barcodes there is support for, for example, the American and Canadian driver’s licenses. Please contact us for specific support.

Check4ID Is Compatible With DocView Studio

The unique combination between Check4ID and Docview Studio can replace the traditional setup of an ID Scanner with software.

You can therefore consider Check4ID as an intelligent scanner for ID-Documents, which performs checks and can communicate data with Docview Studio, instead of an ID-Scanner you use your iPhone or Android device.

The advantage is that you can communicate the desired data “live” with Docview Studio, but you can also temporarily store it first in Check4ID for later processing via Docview Studio.

This allows you to check your customer’s ID-Document on location and to process the desired data later at the office.

Fast And Adequate Age Verification

Turn your phone into a fast mobile age scanner.

Age Check

Quickly and easily check the age on the basis of ID cards, passports and European driving licenses, which are equipped with an NFC chip.

Smart Scan Mode

Fast results with our unique “Smart Scan Mode” where only the minimal actions necessary for age verification are performed.

Age limits

Set multiple age limits. Such as under 16 years old, 16 or 17 years old and 18 years and older. Other age limits are of course possible.

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Comprehensive Identity And Document Control

Set Check4ID to detailed results



Quickly and easily determine whether you can rely on the authenticity of an identity document through checks on MRZ and NFC chip, including AA and PA authentication and DS / CSCA.


Check4ID carries out the verification you want on the MRZ and NFC chip of an identity document with extra checks, including the expiration date and age limit.


Determine which data from an identity document is important to you and process this in your own back-end system. Check4ID supports standard JSON, XML and PDF.

More information

For more information about Check4ID, the many possibilities and different subscription types, please contact us.

You can also find more information on the special Check4ID website or on Scanactive.com.

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