Docuspect is our latest generation of inspection, verification and authentication software

Docuspect reads and verfies the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), the RFID Chip and the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) of the Identity Documents and can export the desired data and results to your CRM or Back-End application.

Unique and Modern

With its unique and modern processing of identity documents and the intelligently adapting verfications and user displays, Docuspect brings you a completely new way of inspection, verification and authentication.

New and Powerful

The “State of the Art” algorithms with specific “imaging” techniques in combination with the latest Full-Page ID-Readers and the user-friendly interface, show the desired results at a glance.

Fast and Adequate

Read identity documents quickly and process the data adequately without errors. The error-prone manual addition of the required data is now a thing of the past.

Complete the circle for document inspection

In addition to the MRZ and RFID Chip, Docuspect also reads and processes the more difficult to digitally process data group “VIZ” (Visual Inspection Zone) of passports, ID cards and driving licenses.

The information from the VIZ is almost indispensable, especially for applications in which data from identity documents must be processed, which are not included in MRZ or RFID Chip.

In addition, Docuspect performs cross-checks on the data from the MRZ, RFID Chip and VIZ, so that processing incorrect data is a thing of the past.


Get the right “Toolkit” within your organization for adequate checking and processing of identity documents

Quickly and adequately compare the available data from identity documents.

Process data such as date of issue and place of residence that are not in the MRZ.

Check whether you are dealing with a specimen, forgery or copy of an identity document.

Process data from identity documents without MRZ or RFID Chip.

Send the data and verification results quickly via XML or JSON to your own application.

Works seamlessly with our Full-Page ID Readers and Docview Studio for Windows.

ADDED VALUE of Docuspect

Besides the fact that you want to be certain of who you have in front of you, you also want to verify whether the proof of identity shown belongs to the right person and whether the proof of identity is authentic and has not been forged or manipulated.

“Authentication and security fully rely on being prepared for what is to come, not what is.”

Docuspect offers you the advantage of knowing in a timely manner what you are dealing with, and being prepared for any situation.

Reliability of genuine documents

Data and information that you read from a document cannot be trusted until you are certain that the document is authentic.

Assurance that the data was read correctly and that the information has not been tampered with. You can safely use the data for your own purposes.

A multitude of verifications that ensure all aspects of the document are carefully assessed. Giving you detailed information about every aspect of the document.

Risk analysis gives you certainty about the authenticity of the document presented. Eliminates doubt about counterfeits, copies and more.

Complete your Docuspect installation

With the AVD-6850 or AVD-7050 Full Page ID-Reader also called WID-Scanner.

“For organizations that want to reliably capture personal data from ID cards, driver’s licenses, visas or passports, Docuspect saves time, optimizes workflows and reduces error rates.”

– Alex

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