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Docview Studio functions together with all kinds of ID-Reader Systems as well as Check4ID which are supplied by us.
It has many plug-in, add-on, modules and configuration options.

Since 2014, Docview Studio is the Document Verification application of Choice

Docview Studio was developed in 2014 as a successor to the AgecheckID software used at the time.

Where the primary focus was on age checking, ScanID also decided to focus on the increasing demand for document verification and the processing of data retrieval.

From the start, Docview Studio has been developed as an “Open Architecture” solution which can work completely independently of the hardware and has in-house developed algorithms for the processing of MRZ and RFID / NFC data from the identity documents.

This makes Docview Studio suitable for working with our ID Readers, regardless of the reading technique, and will only process and execute those actions, functions and data that are supported by the connected ID Reader.

docview studio
docview studio

Built To Save Cost

Due to the independent structure and the application of add-ons, Docview Studio is unique and can be used quickly in many situations and applications.

In addition, the user license determines which modules and add-ons are active so that only the necessary functions are always used.

This is not only cost effective but also prevents you from obtaining functions and data that are not applicable for the desired processing.

From Adequate Age Check To Advanced Authenticity Check

Docview Studio is used in many branches and sectors for reading and processing identity documents and has evolved over the years into a full-fledged front-end for numerous applications.

In addition to processing ID documents that comply with the ICAO-9303 standard, Docview Studio also processes the many so-called “Near ICAO” documents, driving licenses and barcodes.

docview & docuspect

Upgrade from AgeCheckID

It is possible to upgrade AgeCheckID to Docview Studio.

However, not every ID Reader that works with AgeCheckID is compatible with Docview Studio.

If you have an AVD-800 or AVD-850, this is possible depending on the hardware revision.

If you have an AVS-1010, AVS-1015 or AVD-5000, this is not possible.

For an upgrade from AgecheckID, please
Contact us.

Order Docview Studio

Our years of experience and many installations have taught us that every Docview Studio installation is different and must be composed according to the wishes of the user.

We also know that personal contact immediately precludes purchasing too large a package with functions that you do not use.

Therefore, please contact us without any obligation:

  • Telephone, during office hours from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 17.00 on 0341 750 666
  • By e-mail, info@scanid.nl

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