In order to make a Barcoding or “Direct Part Marking” application a success, it is important to master the entire process of Marking, Verification, Reading and Communicating (M-V-R-C).


ScanID’s specialists have over 30 years of experience in this field and are often consulted and deployed worldwide by various companies, organizations (including GS1) and governments.

  • ScanID therefore provides a total solution and has closely coordinated its products to be able to realize a smooth and cost-effective solution for you.
  • With this, ScanID also supplies the M-V-R-C (which stands for Mark, Verify, Read and Communicate) that is common in the Direct Part Marking world. The product line consists of 2D Imaging and verification systems.
  • ScanID is also your contact partner for applications where the barcode information applied must comply with international standards, such as UID (Defence), GS1 (Medical and Industrial) and UDI (Medical).
SCANID is the specialist in the field of applying, verifying and reading 2D Datamatrix codes

What is possible

a diverse range of barcoding options

barcoding DPM


We can advise you on techniques such as Thermo Transfer, Dot Peen, Laser and Inkjet for applying barcodes

barcoding verify


Verification software and hardware in accordance with the international ISO-16022, ISO-15415 and AS-9132 standard.



A range of 2D Imaging Systems, Fixed Position Scanners, Handheld Scanners and Applicable Lighting Systems



Develloping interfaces or tools, but also processing data in accordance with international standards

“Now it’s time to play a brand new game called Name That barcode. Here’s the first one: “Thick black, thin white, thick black, thick white, thick black, thin white.” OK who’s going to identify that?

Humphrey Lyttelton
No more erroneous GS1 Barcodes with our service and complete verification and validation solutions

Unique Solutions

Hardware & Software for every application

Barcode Verification

ScanID supplies a range of verification systems for Data Matrix codes and traditional 1D barcodes, including the GS1 Datamatrix.

Because verification setups are tailor made for Direct Part Marking, it is recommended that you contact us for advice.


Error Free Barcodes

With the solutions and services developed by ScanID, erroneous barcodes, wrong data structures and wrong dimensions are a thing of the past.

With these solutions you are therefore assured that your barcoding is readable worldwide and meets the desired specifications.

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