ScanID is the specialist in identity verification, ID-documents and age verification for the commercial sector.

Our solutions have been used successfully for many years in numerous industries.

Fully Leading In Person Identification

Checking ID-Documents, which you might only recognize know from airports or at a bank, has made suitable for the commercial market since 2010.

  • Not only has our product line of hardware and software grown in recent years, but our expertise in the field of identity documents has also multiplied during these years.
  • For example, you are assured of a range of advanced ID Readers and software solutions with an incredible price-quality ratio. In addition to our latest developments for iPhone and Android.
  • We are also the right partner for you for verification of security features on ID Proofs as a preventive measure against identity fraud.
ID Documents

The Possibilities

A suitable Hardware and Software solution for every application


Identity Verification

Know who you have in front of you (KYC) with our smart, flexible and modern total solutions. Quick identity verification and transfer of the important data.


Document Verification

Verification that tells you at a glance that you are dealing with a real ID. Including Active and Passive authentication, document signer and CSCA certificate.



A permanent setup with an advanced ID reader or mobile scanning with your mobile phone, our modern multi-platform handles this for you.

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Age Verification

With thousands of age verification systems supplied, we know better than anyone what is needed for an adequate and fast age verification.

Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo.

Al Gore

Registration, Verification And Access

Always know who you are dealing with and why

Access control

Highly professional access control by combining ID Readers with our unique ScanID software. These systems make the data of the ID Documents visible on your PC, laptop, iPhone or Android phone within seconds.

You can immediately check not only the identity or exact age, but also the validity of the ID. That way, identity fraud doesn’t stand a chance at your access point.

identity check


With the advanced and field-tested Docview Studio software or our widely used multi-platform Check4ID for Android, iOS and Windows, you have a powerful checking and registration solution in your hands.

This gives you a variety of options and you are flexible in deploying these software solutions in combination with your own backend.

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