Hello We Are ScanID

ScanID consists of a team of experienced professionals from all disciplines of identification.

SOme of our specialties are 2D imaging technics, barcodes, RFID-chips and documents of identification.


Years of experience

Decades ago we stood at the cradle of the Data Matrix and we are still first in line with new developments.

We maintain extensive professional experience for industrial as well as personal identification.

That’s why numerous branch organizations choose ScanID as their partner for identification.

Bleeding edge techniques

At ScanID we develop our own algorithms, software and hardware.

We have our own R&D department where, next to the newest technological developments, verification of 2D and GS1 Barcodes take place.

ScanID works closely with a network of internationally leading manufactures.

Satisfied Customers

Our products find their way to numerous branches and industries, both national and international.

ScanID is active in sectors such as: automotive industry, logistics, health care and electronics industry but also in retail companies, catering and hotel business, security and events.

Join our group of satisfied customers now!

A World Of Identification Options

ScanID combines their knowledge of document verification with industrial encoding. For our customers, this leads to new products, services and opportunities. We create our software in-house and combine this with hardware which is most of the time exclusively designed in conjunction with ScanID.

By fully exploiting the overlaps of person- and industrial identification, new possibilities and opportunities are within your reach. For example the label designer in Docview Studio Pro, which can be used to instantly make personalized cards or labels of scanned people. Imagine that each one of your employees, based on their ID and profile, can manage your logistic process and track and trace perfectly.

Adviser, instructor and consultant

ScanID is your reliable consultant with added value concerning GS1, UID and ICAO standards and the verification of 2D Data Matrix codes.

  • ScanID also is your consultant in the field of reading, verification and authentication of all kinds of identity documents.
  • Our expertise includes not only the necessary hardware and software, but also knowledge of the legislation, including alcohol, tobacco, opium and Koa.
Total Solution Provider

ScanID is a Total Solution Provider. We analyze and integrate the components which are needed for your processes. We build fitting state-of-the-art solutions from start to finish.

  • In our R&D Lab we develop custom made hardware and software to fullfill the specific wishes of our customers.
  • for example: in-house development of validation and verification systems, illumination systems, algorithms and reading devices.

With the distribution of the Japanese brand MTS and cooperation with manufacturers of 2D Imaging systems, in combination with our Lab and expertise, ScanID has become a valued supplier for customers.

  • In addition, ScanID distributes various ID-Reader systems and Ticket Readers in combination with our software as total solutions.
  • Our systems are supplied in numerous sectors and industries via national and international integrators and resellers.

Leading In Age Verification

ScanID, in close cooperation with a worldwide network of leading suppliers, creates age and access control systems.

They are the number one choice for supermarkets, tobacco shops, hotel and catering companies, events and gas stations.

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