Full-Page ID Readers increasingly used

The Full-Page ID Readers are once again making great strides as the ultimate solution for reading and processing Identity documents.

With the increasing mobility of the population and growing international migration, the use of ID Readers and validation technologies to verify identity documents is becoming standard practice in many industries.

Know your customer (KYC)

Technologies previously limited to government applications are increasingly being used in commercial applications to strengthen security and prevent fraud.

More sophisticated crime has led to changes in government laws and business practices that extend Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering procedures.

These additional steps burden the enrollment process and impact the experiences of both customers and employees.

More and more organisations, whether or not prompted by legislation, are therefore checking and verifying identity documents with Full-Page ID Readers before offering their services.

More and more industry organizations are also advising to use so-called WID Scanners. These Full-Page ID Readers, including the AVD-6850 and AVD-7050, are increasingly being used for this purpose.

Check-In & Visitor Management

the use of identity documents to register for access to public, private and financial services is becoming more common.

Full-Page ID Readers and validation technologies enable individuals, companies and organizations to follow the highest level of assurance standards in accordance with ICAO, NIST and other government agencies.

Time and cost saving

Combining our specialized Full-Page ID Readers with proprietary software, ScanID has helped to automate and accelerate the process of capturing and verifying all major types of identity documents.

Together, the use of modern ID documents and advanced Full-Page ID Readers reduces the need for trained ID document specialists, saving time and operating costs.

Meer information

For more information about the Full Page ID Readers, the use and the many possibilities, please feel free to contact us.

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