Docview-Studio is state of the art software for checking ID-Documents

With the ever-increasing attention in the field of identity fraud and the ability to quickly check all kinds of identity documents, DocView-Studio is the appropriate tool for you.


With its powerful add-ons and export options, Docview Studio can be widely used in many organizations and industries


With Docview Studio you can quickly read the ID of your customer or visitor and see at a glance whether you have the right person for you.


Besides that Docview Studio checks the identity document, it provides you with the correct data of the document

Cost saving

Check and Verify ID Cards, Passports, Residence Permits and Drivers Licenses in your organization now.

Docview Studio’s power is your advantage

Proven since 2014 in numerous sectors and industries

Docview Studio

Whether you use Docview Studio stand-alone or in a network, you always have a powerful “tool” to check identity documents and correctly interpret the data from the MRZ and NFC chip.

Due to the possibilities of various add-ons and output plugins, you can adapt Docview Studio flexibly and diversely to your needs, including:

  • Face Add-On: Quickly compare passport photo from document and from NFC chip
  • OCR Add-On: Also Read Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ)
  • Docuspect Add-On: Checking security features
  • Output Plugins: Communicate data and results with your software or online service

Docview Studio Applications

The possibilities are endless

Docview Studio is used by both commercial and government organizations for applications where checking and processing identity documents is a “must”.

Fraud prevention
Advanced Document Control

Prevents fraud and forgery through advanced document verification in combination with authentication

when entering and boarding at airports, logistics companies, visa issuance, municipalities and local authorities.

Access control
The Basis of your registration system

Via our own advanced database or via the quick link with our own back-end software, fast access control

at rental companies, festivals, fairs, private meetings and controlled industrial sites.

Check-in & Registration
Know who you have in front of you (KYC)

Powerful and user-friendly “tool” for quickly checking and registering visitors and customers

at, among others, hotels, terminals, notaries, financial institutions, casinos, catering establishments and companies

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