With Check Scan you verify and compare various types of Corona QR Codes with ID Documents and do an age check right away

Check Scan reads, checks and authenticates the national and international corona QR codes and compares the data with that of an ID Document.

Quick check

The data of the ID Document is automatically compared with the Corona QR Code. In addition, the age of the visitor as well as the initials, day of birth and month of birth are shown.

Additional checks

Optionally, you can choose whether or not to show the color passport photo and to check for repeated scanning to prevent “passing on” of Identity Documents or Corona QR Codes.

Validity of Issue

Check Scan checks the Corona QR Code for valid signature, issuer and expiration date, in combination with Active and Passive Authentication of the ID Document.

How Does Check Scan Work

CheckScan reads and checks the visitor’s identity card and, in addition to age, also displays the initials of the first name and last name, as well as the day and month of birth.

  • When a 2D Imager is connected, CheckScan also reads and verifies the Corona QR-Code and automatically compares this data with the ID.
  • You can also quickly manually compare this data with the data seen in the Coronacheck Scan app developed by the government.
  • CheckScan also has a function to detect repeated scanning of ID and Corona QR-Code, in order to prevent “passing on” as much as possible.
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Deployed At Numerous Locations

In addition to organisations, amusement parks, events and festivals, CheckScan is used by numerous security companies, catering establishments and sports clubs for access and control of the Corona Admission Ticket (CTB), often in combination with age verification.

Various municipalities that centrally check the CTB, Age and ID, for example when issuing wristbands for access in catering establishments, also use our CheckScan solutions and applications.

Check Scan Supports The Most Common Identity Documents

  • National and international passports that meet the ICAO-9303 standard
  • National and international ID cards that comply with the ICAO-9303 standard
  • Dutch residence permits and visas that meet the ICAO-9303 standard
  • Dutch driving licenses equipped with RFID Chip (Model 2014 and 2018)
  • Many Near ICAO documents including Belgian eID and French NIC
check scan
check scan

International Corona QR Codes

In addition to the Dutch Corona Admission Ticket, CheckScan also supports the international Covid QR Codes, including:

  • Belgian Covid Safe Ticket
  • French Pass Sanitaire (2D-Doc)
  • English NHS Domestic Code
  • European Green Pass Certificate

CheckScan Custom Packages

For other configurations, please contact us.

This also applies to our “fast-lane” solutions and Covid Pass Scan.

These are custom solutions, installed by us on request.

In addition, we can often put together tailor made solutions that meet your requirements and wishes.

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