Always A Suitable Identification Solution Thanks To A Wide Choice Of Hardware And Software Products.

Whatever type of Identity document or Barcode you want to read, thanks to our extensive product line of hardware and software, there is always a suitable solution.

ID-Reader Systems

Our ID-Reader Systems are used in combination with our software to check ID cards, passports, residence permits and driving licenses.


We develop all software in-house. This allows us to respond quickly to changes in legislation, standards and new developments.

Barcode Solutions

ScanID has been supplying industrial 2D Imager Systems for years, which are used for reading Direct Part Marking (DPM) codes and barcodes.

Ticket Readers

Our unique Ticket Readers are at the forefront of innovative ticket technology. New techniques read NFC and barcodes from all media.

Leading the way in Age Verification Systems

Since 2010, ScanID has been supplying age scanners and software products for age verification based on identity documents, such as passports, visas, ID cards and driver’s licenses.

With thousands of age verification systems supplied, we know better than anyone which products are required for an adequate and rapid age verification based on identity documents.

Everything for processing Identity Documents.

With our large installed base of ID-Reader systems and millions of ID readouts per year, ScanID is your point of contact in numerous industries and sectors where ID cards are read and processed.

Adequate Age Control

Age verification is increasingly being used in the private sector.

Partly due to legislation, you have to ensure that a customer is unmistakably 18 years old.

Transfer of correct data

Our verification of MRZ and NFC Chip prevents the transfer of erroneous data.

Optionally, you can perform cross-checks with the data from the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ).

Prevent risks and fraud

Verification determines whether an ID Proof is authentic.

You can determine whether a document belongs to the person who claims that he or she is the holder. (KYC)

Unique Front-End

Fast integration with flexible output of the required data.

Possibility to manage the “Front-End” in your own application, for seamless integration.

State-Of-The-Art Full-Page Scanners

Our state-of-the-art Full-Page ID Readers feature a variety of illumination types, and are designed from the ground up to deliver high performance.

The design and engineering of our Full-Page ID Readers sets them apart from other document scanners with maximum flexibility to make it the ideal choice for almost any application.

These Full-Page ID-Readers can be used for desktop use as well as elegantly built into kiosks.

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