MCR-720 DPM 2D Imager

The MRC-720 is a 2D Ultra High Density Imager for reading very small Direct Part Marking 2D codes.

MCR-720 SKU#
2D Imaging Systeem Type
Uitlezen DPM codes Usable for
High-End DPM

The Unique MCR-720 DPM has been developed with an ultra high resolution which makes the 2D Imager specialized in ultra small and unclear marks!

By combining the latest knowledge, which is unique to our partner MTS, it has been made possible to read very small direct marks (DPM), from LCD panels, glass etc. that were previously difficult to read.

In addition to the normal version, an ESD version is also available.

Please contact us for this.

MCR-720 scanid
Strong Decoding Algorithms Combined With Unique Exposure System

The MCR-720 DPM ideal for reading 2D symbols marked directly on printed circuit boards and glass surfaces. It can handle even smaller marks than our High Resolution Imagers.

Minimum resolution 40 m (0.04 mm) [*Up to 25 m is possible by using an attachment (sold separately)

GeneralMCR-720 DPM 2D Imager UHD
Barcodes2D: Data Matrix (ECC200), QR Code, Micro QR Code
Temperature0° to 40° C / Opslag (-20° to 60° C)
Humidity35% tot 85% non-condensing
Field of View12 mm horizontal by 9 mm vertical
Focal point0-3 mm
SensorCMOS 1.3 Megapixel (1280 x 960)
Optical Resolution1280 x 960
Minimal Cell-Size 40 μm (0.04 mm) [* Up to 25 μm (0.025 mm) with optional attachment]
Symbol Contrast15% minimum reflection difference
PowerReader @ 5 vdc (mA): typical = less than 500 mA
CommunicationRS232, USB 2.0 (Generic HID, HID Keyboard, Virtual COM Port)
Dimensions216 mm x 80 mm x 152 mm (HxLxB)
Weight365 grams (excluding cable) / 430 grams BT version with battery
KleurDark Grey
IP RatingIP5X
MCR-720 LED panel
Typical Work Achievements
Test BarcodeMin mmMax mm
0.04 cell Size DM(¹)03
0.025 cell Size DM01

(¹) DM = DataMatrix Code

NOTE: Working ranges are a combination of both high-density optical fields (Field of View).

All test barcodes were of high quality and read along a physical centerline at a 10° angle. Measured from the front of the 2D Imager.

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