This Half-Page Desktop Age Scanner comes with an SDK for integration into your own developped solutions.

IDB-121 SKU#
Half-Page ID-Reader
Verificatie Systeem
Uitlezen ID Bewijzen
Uitlezen RFID/NFC
Usable for
Compatible with
SDK for Windows
SDK for Android
Applicable everywhere for Identity Documents with MRZ and NFC Chip

The IDB-121 Half-Page Age Scanner has been developed to be used in any place for reading the age from the MRZ and NFC of Identity Documents.

Thanks to the advanced half-page reading technique and the specific ScanID algorithms, the IDB-121 reads national and international ID cards, Passports and Swiss driver’s licenses. In addition, the age scanner checks for first-line forgeries of ID cards and Passports.

Several SDKs available

We have various SDKs (Software Development Kits) available for the IDB-121 for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android.

In addition, we have interfacing software with standard XML/JSON output options, with which you can quickly integrate the IDB-121 into your own developed application.

Support for MRZ and NFC

The IDB-121 can read and process the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) and NFC, which comply with the international ICAO-9303 standard for travel documents.

In addition, the IDB-121 can also read the so-called Near ICAO MRZ from Identity Documents, including the French NIC and Belgian e-ID.

GeneralDesktop Age Scanner MRZ / NFC
Scan TechniqueHalf-Page
DocumentsID cards, passports, visas, modern driver’s licenses and Swiss driver’s license
European Drivers License with NFC Chip (Dutch model 2014 and model 2018)
Used forAge Verification
FunctionAge Scanner
SpeedFrom 1 second
SignalsGreen, Orange, Red LED
Dimensions140mm x 90mm x 90mm (LxBxH)
Temperature0/+50°C / storage -40/+85°C
Weight450 gram

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