The IDA-500 age scanner is equipped with interface software which can do a quick and adequate age verification.

IDA-500 SKU#
Half-Page ID-Reader
Uitlezen ID Bewijzen
Uitlezen RFID/NFC
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DocviewStudio Compatible with
Used for quick age verification in numerous locations

The IDA-500 age scanner is most commonly used for quick and adequate age verification in many industries and sectors. With the user-friendly interface for Windows, you can quickly see the correct age of customer or visitor.

Thanks to the advanced half-page reading technique and the specific ScanID algorithms, the IDA-500 reads national and international ID cards, Passports and Dutch driving licenses (model 2014 and model 2018).

In addition, the IDA-500 checks for first- and second-line counterfeits of ID cards, passports and driver’s licenses. And detects the “passing” of ID Proofs through repeated scanning.

Interface Software for Windows

The supplied interfacing software can be modularly expanded with numerous functions including XML/JSON output, extra controls, etc.

Contact us for the integration possibilities.

Support for MRZ and NFC

The IDA-500 can read and process the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) and NFC, which comply with the international ICAO-9303 standard for travel documents.

The IDA-500 can also read the so-called Near ICAO MRZ from Identity documents, including, Cedula, French NIC and Belgian e-ID.

GeneralDesktop Age Scanner MRZ / NFC with interface software
Scan TechnigueHalf-Page
DocumentsID Cards, Passports, Visas, Modern Driving Licenses with NFC Chip
Use ForAge Verification
FunctieAge Scanner
Read Speedfrom 1 second
SignalsGreen, Orange, Red LED
Dimensions140mm x 90mm x 90mm (LxBxH)
Temperature0/+50°C / storage -40/+85°C
Weight450 gram

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