AVD-900 Half Page MRZ/RFID/EID

The AVD-900 reads the MRZ/NFC data from ID Cards, Visas, Passports, eID and EU Driving Licenses

AVD-900 SKU#
Half-Page ID-Reader Type
Uitlezen RFID/NFC
Usable for
Compatible with
SDK for Windows
SDK for Android

Multi-Usable ID Reader

The AVD-900 ID-Reader is the solution for document and access control based on ID Cards and Passports.

In addition, the AVD-900 can also adapt ID Cards and Passes which are equipped with a contact chip, for example registration certificate or Belgian eID.

In addition, the AVD-900 is used in situations where only the MRZ, RFID and SAM data are important and is therefore a cost-effective alternative to the Full-Page ID Readers.

avd-900 id-reader
Extra Control

In combination with the optional Docview Studio software, the AVD-900 ID-Reader becomes the heart of your document and access control.

The AVD-900 is used, among other things, for visitor / refugee registration and checking of Passports, Visas and ID cards. Optionally, the read data can be exported.

Fast MRZ Processing

In addition to the fast processing of national and international ID Cards, Visas and Passports, the AVD-900 in combination with Docview Studio software checks the MRZ and RFID Chip.

For example, checksums (control numbers) and the overall checksum are checked and the content of the RFID Chip is checked via passive and active authentication.

GeneralDesktop Half-Page ID-Reader MRZ/RFID/SAM
Scan TechniqueHalf Page
DocumentsPassports, visas, ID cards, eID and
EU driving licenses equipped with NFC chip
Suitable forMRZ, NFC/RFID and 2x Contact Chip (SAM)
FunctionAccess, registration and document control
Speedfrom 2> second
SignalsGreen, Orange, Red LED
Power5 Volts (USB)
Dimensions140mm x 90mm x 115mm (LxBxH)
Temperature0/+50°C / Storage -40/+85°C
Weight580 gram

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