AVD-6810 Full Page MRZ/RFID/IR

With the AVD-6850 you can read the MRZ and VIZ of ID cards, passports, driving licenses

AVD-6810 SKU#
Full-Page ID-Reader Type
Uitlezen RFID/NFC
Usable for
Compatible with
SDK for Windows Optinal

Quickly Read The MRZ And VIZ With This Full Page ID Reader

The AVD-6810 ID-Reader is built around advanced decoder algorithms, which have proven themselves at customs, banks and airports and lots of commercial applications

The AVD-6810 quickly reads the MRZ, RFID Chip and Visual Inspection Zone data from all national and international ID Cards, Visas and Passports that comply with the international ICAO 9303 standard.

In addition, with this AVD-6810 daylight and Infra Red images can be taken.

avd-6800 ID-Reader
Extra Control

In combination with the optional Docuspect or DocView Studio software, the AVD-6810 ID-Reader can be used for fast registration and access control.

The AVD-6810 is often used for visitor registration and access control based on passports, visas and ID cards. Optionally, the read data can be exported.

Fast MRZ Processing

The AVD-6810 reads any ID document super fast. Depending on the desired identity information, this only takes between 1 and 8 seconds.

In addition to the fast processing of national and international ID cards, Visas and passports, this ID Reader in combination with DocView Studio checks the MRZ and RFID Chip.

GeneralDesktop Full-Page ID-Reader / kiosk integration
Scan TechniqueFull Page
Documentspassports, visas, ID cards
Driving licenses(¹), Barcodes(²), 2D codes(²)
Suitable forMRZ, VIZ en RFID Control
IR and Daylight images
FunctionAccess, registration and document control
Speedfrom 1> second
SignalsMulti Colour LED, sound
Power5 Volts (USB 3.0) Power Adapter 5 Volts (USB 2.0)
Dimensions190mm x 162mm x 157mm (LxBxH)
Temperature0/+35°C / Storage -10/+60°C
Weight960 gram

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