AVD-410 Half Page Attach MRZ/RFID/eID

The AVD-410 half-page ID-Reader with RFID/NFC and eID slot for age and identity verification

AVD-410 SKU#
Half-Page ID-Reader Type
Uitlezen RFID/NFC
Usable for
Compatible with
SDK for Windows
SDK for Android

On Or Built-in

The AVD-410 Attach has been developed, among other things, to be built into a kiosk or vending machine. But can also be mounted on a counter or at the cash register.

The AVD-410 communicates with a Host system via the USB port and is also supplied with power via the USB port. Additional power adapters are not required.

Thanks to the advanced half-page reading technology in combination with software, the AVD-400 reads national and international ID cards, passports and European driving licenses equipped with an NFC chip.

The AVD-410 can also read ID cards according to the ISO 7816 standard, including the Belgian eID cards.

avd-400 attach
Age And Identity Check

The AVD-410 Attach is used by integrators at locations where, in addition to adequate age control, establishing the identity of a person is also important.

For example, at locations where age-related products, such as tobacco, alcohol and (State) tickets are sold, but where (Post) packages can also be picked up.


Ready to build into a kiosk or information kiosk or vending machine.

The AVD-410 equipped with two NFC Antennas. It reads the MRZ and the NFC chip from electronic ID documents without user intervention. And ensures that documents are read quickly and accurately.

GeneralIdentity and Age Scanner
Scan TechniqueHalf Page
DocumentsID Cards, Passports, Visas, and EU Driving Licenses
equipped with NFC chip (NLD model 2014 and 2018)
ISO 7816 ID Cards, Belgian eID
Suitable forMRZ, NFC/RFID, Contact Chip
FunctionAge and Identity Verification
Speedfrom 2> second
SignalsGreen, Orange, Red LED
Power5 Volts (USB)
Dimensions139mm x 183mm x 22mm (LxBxH)
Temperature0/+50°C / Storage -40/+85°C
Weight480 gram

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