AVD-340 Half Page All-in-One MRZ/RFID

The AVD-340 Mobile All-In-One RFID/NFC/Contact/Fingerprint for Identity Control

AVD-340 SKU#
Half-Page ID-Reader
Verificatie Systeem
Uitlezen ID Bewijzen
Uitlezen RFID/NFC
Usable for
DocviewStudio Compatible with
SDK for Windows
SDK for Android

Mobile Half-Page ID Reader

The AVD-340 All-In-One, works with any Android/Windows smartphone or tablet PC.

The AVD-340 features an ergonomic design with a small form factor, suitable for one-handed operation.

Together with a Sleeve and your own mobile phone, it really is a mobile eID solution for numerous eID applications.

With the supplied multi USB connection cable, the ID-Reader can also be used for scanning on location with a laptop equipped with Docview Studio.

avd-340 all-in-one
All-In-One Readability

The AVD-340 reads both 1, 2 and 3 line MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) and the NFC chip of Passports, ID cards, residence permits and driving licenses.

In addition, the AVD-340 All-in-One reads eID cards in accordance with the ISO-7816 standard, including, for example, the Belgian eID and scans the fingerprint live.

Developed For

The AVD-340 is developed for Police, Border Control, Airport Check-in, Hotel Check-in, Mobile ID Verification, Bank Registration and KYC, SIM Registration, Car Rental, etc..

The AVD-340 can also be used mobile in combination with Docview Studio software for identity verification and registration.

GeneralIdentity and Document Scanner / Fingerprint
Scan TechniqueHalf Page
DocumentsID Cards, Passports, Visas, and EU Driving Licenses
equipped with NFC chip (NLD model 2014 and 2018)
eID and cards in accordance with ISO-7816
Live Fingerprint.
Suitable forMRZ, NFC/RFID, SAM, Contact Chip, FP
FunctionDocument and Identity Control, Biometrics
Speedfrom 2> second
SignalsGreen, Orange, Red LED
Power5 Volts (USB)
Dimensions194mm x 75mm x 28mm (LxBxH)
Temperature0/+50°C / Storage -40/+85°C
Weight585 gram

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