The new AVD-950, for citizens to authenticate themselves

ScanID introduces the AVD-950, for citizens to authenticate themselves with their eID or ePassport associated with biometrics

The new AVD-950 is dedicated to the growing number of applications where citizens keep their identity document in sight, where MRZ scan, RFID read and fingerprint verification are required for authentication.


Nowadays, identity document reading is following the same evolution as banking card transactions: a few years ago consumers would handle their credit card to the merchant who would go in the back office and swipe it.

Now, with contactless and smart card based banking cards, the principle is that the card never leaves the sight of the cardholder while he/she authorizes the transaction with the PIN code or biometrics.

Similarly, using the AVD-950, a citizen authentication service can be provided with the identity document never leaving the sight of the citizen who authenticates himself with a fingerprint scan.

Self Service

The AVD-950 can be used either in self-service mode or operated by an attendant ; it allows to scan the MRZ (Machine-Readable Zone) of an ID document, read its RFID and authenticate the user thanks to a fingerprint scanner.

Typically, the AVD-950 can be used in all cases where a citizen manages his/her own authentication: either in self-authentication mode or with an authority representative.

This way, the side facing the citizen has everything he/she needs: the person can insert his/her eID or ePassport in the AVD-950 and, if needed, present his/her finger on the fingerprint scanner. The AVD-950 is able to read the MRZ of an identity document and to read the RFID of electronic Identity documents, such as all ICAO-compliant ePassports and most ID cards or driving licenses, in a single easy step.

The citizen directly benefits from the user-friendliness of the AVD-950 that allows to read both the MRZ and the RFID of an identity document thanks to a simple insertion, without additional swipe or movement.

The AVD-950 includes a SAM (Security Access Module) slot to allow storing the EAC (Extended Access Control) certificates complying with ICAO ePassport standards.

More information

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