AVD-525 Swiss Age Verification System for Switzerland includes reading Swiss Driving Licenses

  • - USB Aansluiting
  • - Battery Pack Ondersteuning

Applicable everywhere

The AVD-525, developed by ScanID, can be used anywhere near a power outlet or a free USB port. The AVD-525 can also be powered by a battery pack.

Due to the advanced half-page reading technique and the specific ScanID algorithms, the AVD-525 reads national and international ID cards, Passports and Swiss driving licenses. In addition, the AVD-525 checks for first-line counterfeits of the ID cards and Passports.

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Fast and Safe

The privacy of your customer is guaranteed because the AVD-525 stores absolutely no data or processes it externally.

Using the preset age limit, in combination with the internal RTC, the AVD-525 displays the age by means of colored LEDs and audible signals.

Age Limits

By default, the AVD-525 is set to the double age limit of 16 and 18.

The AVD-525 comes optionally with setup software that allows the age limit to be set as a single desired age limit.

General Stand-Alone Desktop Age Scanner
Scan Technic Half Page
Documents ID Cards, Passports, visa's, and Swiss drivers license
Suitable for Age Verification
Function Age Scanner
Decision time >2 seconds
Signals Green, orange en red LED,
Sound signals
Power USB, 5 Volt Poweradapter, Battery-pack
Certification CE
Size 140mm x 90mm x 90mm (LxBxH)
Temperature 0/+50°C / storage -40/+85°C
Weight 450 gram
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