Prevent underage sales with our Age Verification Systems.

Age verification by using identity documents is increasingly used in the commercial sector.

If you sell age-restricted products to a person under the minimum legal age, you may commit an offence
under the relevant law. The penalties can include a fine or even closing your business.

With thousands of age scanner systems delivered at catering establishments, coffee shops, supermarkets, petrol stations, events, sports canteens, tobacconists, etc., we, at ScanID, know very well what is required for adequate and rapid age verification based on identity documents.


Read the MRZ from ID documents, computes the age and demon- strates through LEDs and sound

AVD-525 Swiss

AVD-525 Swiss Age Verification System for Switzerland includes reading Swiss Driving Licenses


Reads the MRZ from all types of ID documents, computes the age and send it to the POS System

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