A world of identification options

ScanID intergrates know-how of document control with industrial encoding. For our customers, this leads to new products, services and opportunities. We create our software in-house and combine this with hardware which is most of the time exclusively designed in conjunction with ScanID.

By fully exploiting the overlay of person- and industrial identification, new possibilities and opportunities are within your reach. For example the label designer in Docview Studio Pro, which can be used to instantly make personalized cards or labels of scanned people. Imagine that each one of your employees, based on their ID and profile, can control your logistic process and track and trace perfectly.


ScanID consults with GS1 Netherlands and its members concerning 2D codes, including the GS1 Data Matrix and attends verification and validation of 1D and 2D barcodes according to the international standards.


In our R&D lab we develop custom made hardware and software to fulfill the specific wishes of our customers. For example: in-house we develop validation and verification systems, illumination systems, algorithms and reading devices.


With the European distribution of the Japanese brand Tohken and 2D Imaging systems from the American Code, in combination with our Lab and expertise, ScanID has become a valued supplier for it customers.

Leading in age control

In addition ScanID develops and distributes half page document ID-Readers for age and access control, in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. This hardware and software is growth market for us, partially because of the changes in the alcohol and hospitality law, the opium law and the tobacco law.